sing as starting point the information Quality principles, we give seminars designed specifically for the needs of the interested audience; and we also have a informative seminar to introduce the public to the topic.

Currently are available:
-Seminar Information Quality: Introduction (1 day, 8 hours)

-Intensive Seminar on Information Quality (2 days, 16 hours)

For further information, send a message to the contact mail.



e teach courses with both formats on site and online (we will have them the second half of 2015)

The courses are:
-Information quality Course (4 days, 32 hours)

-Information quality and strategic management Course (available in 2015)


Congresses Organization
October - 2nd IQ Summit in Argentina (Buenos Aires, Argentina), with the participation of Michael Mielke (Germany) and Rossano Tavares (Brazil).

December - Challenges to the scientific and technologic progress: round table on nuclear cooperation: Case study: Argnetina – Brazil (Buenos Aires, Argentina); with the participation of Nicholas Wheeler (UK) and Matias Spector (Brazil).

October - 1st Argentinean Congress on the Scientific and Technological Progress: Biological Nucleus (Buenos Aires, Argentina); with the participation of Maslcolm Dando (UK), Marie Chevrier (US) and Gwyn Winfield (UK).

August - 1st IQ Summit in Argentina (Buenos Aires, Argentina); with the participation of Yang Lee (US), Leo Pipino (US) and Michael Mielke (Germany).

Congresses Participation
December - 19th Session of the Conference of States parties of the chemical Weapons Convention (The Hague, Netherlands)

November - VII Institute for International Relations Congress (La Plata, Argentina)

October - I Qualitative Research in Social Sciences Congress- I Post Congress ICIQ (Córdoba, Argentina)

May NMP-DeLa (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

March - II Encuentro de las Ciencias Humanas y Tecnológicas para la integración en el Conosur Internacional del Conocimiento: Diálogos en nuestra América (Bogotá, Colombia).

November - 10° German Conference on IQ Management (Bad Soden am Tunus, Germany)

6° Panel de Expertos. La Seguridad: retos y oportunidades en un mercado globalizado (Bogota, Colombia)

October - 8° Seminario de Ciudades Fortificadas (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

September - VII Foro Regional de Seguridad Privada (Paipa, Colombia)

March - CBRNe South America 2012 (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil).

November - 16th International Conference on Information Quality (Adelaida, Australia)

October - 1era Reunión de Calidad de Información en Colombia (Bogotá, Colombia)

August - Interseg (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

August - Enterprise Data World, Latin America – 2011 (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

July - MIT 2011 Information Quality Industry Symposium (Cambridge, US)

November - 15th International Conference on Information Quality (Little Rock, EEUU)

July - MIT 2010 Information Quality Industry Symposium (Cambridge, EEUU)

April - The Global Challenge of Biological Controls Working Group (Ginebra, Suiza)

January - Europe and the Global Challenge of Biological Controls Working Group (Bath, Gran Bretaña)