What is Information Quality

ArgIQ is a non-profit organization with the objective of spreading, trough academics activities,of the Information Quality (IQ) methodology in Argentina and Spanish speaking countries.

Information is a valuable asset, is the key for the decision making process. The IQ method is a great tool for management, creating a new concept from data collection to information and intelligence generation.

In all organizations, the planning process is directed tomake decisions in different areas, that ́s why the informationinvolved on them demands a standardized methodology to manage it.

Intelligence is power to face the future.

In this arena, ArgIQ provides a new vision to organizations involved in information management and planning strategies.

Applying the IQ method, and considering the different professional backgrounds of ArgIQ ́ members, we do researches and other academic activities in several areas, such asdefense, bioethics, biosecurity, weapons of mass destruction and strategy.

Our members are also trained to advice organizations on the implementation of this method.


María José Espona was interviewed by lnternational Innovation

LeadershipAward from MIT IQ Program to María José Espona. 1st IQ Summit in Argentina, October, 17 (2010)

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Maria J Espona participation at the 19th CSP of the OPCW. https://www.opcw.org/index.php?id=2520